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2kUL djs have been meticulously trained in all aspects of DJing.  In an industry where anyone can purchase sound equipment and call themselves "DJs", very few companies have actual djs.  We are ACTUAL djs!  All our djs can beatmix & emcee so the party keeps going.  


We are not simply "button-pushers" or "iPod" djs, plus we have OVER 60 YEAR OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE!


We regularly spin at nightclubs, weddings, parties and dances.  2kUL specializes in all music genres: oldies, disco, hip-hop, rock, techno/edm, reggae, etc..  


The advantage to being so diverse is we are up to date with all current music and are able to play all the old-time greats in a manner where the dance floor is always packed.  

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